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About me

Hello random person! my username is GenBlackhawk1, But I would like you all to call me by my OC name Blackhawk . I prefer it over my real name and my username.

I am a huge gamer. I've been a gamer ever since I was two years old! I also figured out how to use a computer at that age too, without prior knowledge... Ahh, good ol' Windows 95.

Im extremely bizarre and weird. You'll understand why as you look through my gallery. But if you are too lazy to do that, I have a vore fetish. If you can't understand that, then leave. I do not have time for your immature whining and moaning.

I am insensitive. I don't care what anybody says to me. Call me whatever you want, make as many rude remarks to me as you want, I will not care. Just expect me to do the same back, only worse. After all, it's only fair.

I'm also kind of an asshole. Ill openly and honestly tell you that I do not like you, or you do something I do not like. If I respect you, I wont do this as severely. All of my friends and my close friends do not get the rudeness, they get my thoughts the kind way.

As you can tell by the way I've described this, I do not care about how many watchers I have, or who likes me or not. I am not here for fame. I am here because I want to be here, and I would like to be with my internet friends.

In addition, if you have managed not to annoy me or piss me off right off the bat with stupidity, you might actually gain my respect. If you get to know me, Im actually a nice, funny and goofy kind of guy. Even if I seem like a misfit. I always strive to be good, to be the better man. Do i fail? Of course. Do I learn from my mistakes? Definitely. But I always try to be a good person. If you become my friend, you'll see me come to help you in a time of need, youll see me try to help in anyway possible. You will also see me comment a lot on artwork or your profile. Ill try to protect you as much as possible too. But there is so much I can do behind a computer screen XD.

One more thing:


Yes, this type of spelling gets me real pissed, and this is a HORRIBLE first impression!

To finish things up, I will tell you my interests
1. I am a huge rock and roll and metal fan. Some of my favorite bands include Steel Panther, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Volbeat and a ton more

2. I LOVE VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES! they are my all time favorite games. First person shooters, GTA, if it has violence, Ill probably like it :D (And no SJW's, this does not make me a killer/rapist)

3. I have been shooting guns for 9 years. I love guns and I love shooting guns. It is one of my favorite hobbies. I always go target shooting, because it is the most fun (Target shooting is setting up paper targets and firing at them from a distance. They often contain points. After shooting, you will tally up those points to see your "Shooting Score")

4. I am 19 years old. My Birthday is December 18th, 1997

5. I am a proud American. I am a patriot. I want to see my country thrive and do well. I hate that America is divided because of one man's words and actions. It boggles my mind. Despite all of this, I'm still a Patriot and i still love America.

If you took the time to read all of this. Congratulations!


GenBlackHawk1 has started a donation pool!
2,590 / 999,999,999
Well I havent touched this in awhile. No one really read it anyways, But im gonna try one more time

IF I WATCHED YOU, I MOST LIKELY WATCHED YOU FROM DAHUB! A THANKS FOR YOUR FAVORITES/WATCHES IS NOT REQUIRED! Im not really watching you anyways. Sorry. I only truly watch the people im interested in. And youll know if im interested in you if i leave a comment on your profile, or if i say ur weclome for a watch. If I dont do either of these things, I might just fave ur artwork to let u know im interested

Ok, so whoever is still taking their time reading this, this means you were not #triggered by the above statement, Thank you for being someone I can gain points from c:

By the way, still looking for anyone generous enough to loan me 500 points for a commission. I have 2 commissions that require 500 points so... if you can spare points, or if you werent easily offended by the above statement, help a brother out o3o

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Copyright to respective owner. Found on Twitter

Copyright user on 9GAG. whoever posted it. Found on twitter. RIP Robin Williams

Copyright respective owners. Found on twitter

Rest in Peace, Grandpa
I love you very much. You will be dearly missed.


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*pokes* owo
Thu May 25, 2017, 12:13 PM
Poker o3o
Thu May 25, 2017, 4:01 AM
I feel like poking somebody so who's first? owo
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TIEBREAKER! Which character would you like to see return 

13 deviants said Jennifer the Lopunny
10 deviants said Apolo the Dragon


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Fuzzy Fuck
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United States

Proud to be American by Wearwolfaa

Proud To Be British by MatthewsStamps

You can see all of my information in the about me box down below. It is on the left side.

My Avatar was made by XxNeonPurplexX<

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Greatest people ever:

Whenever im sad, depressed, or feel empty, these guys and girls make me whole again. They made me smile. They help me come back from the pit of sadness and despair. I love them to death. Thank you all so much for giving me happiness. <3

"If I shared my wisdom, you'd get dumber" Blackhawk 2017
"All dongs are perfect, Steel." Veolo 2017

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Does anyone remember..?

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 21, 2017, 3:29 PM
Im gonna do a small journal based series in which I ask you guys if you remember stuff from awhile ago!

This will only be stuff i remember, it can be stuff from the early 2000s, to only about a few years ago. So lets prove that Im not crazy and these things actually existed! XD

Does anyone remember Cereal Straws?

Yes, believe it or not, cereal straws were a thing in like the mid 2000s. I think only Kelloggs took part in it and i only remember a couple of cereals they used, and that was Cocoa puffs and Froot Loops. The whole point of it was to put the cereal straw into a cup of milk, drink the milk through the straw and then eat it. It was a wacky concept

These straws as you can imagine, came apart very easily, and you could inhale a piece you accidentally bit off or that fell off while you were drinking it. Also, the milk made the straw very soggy very fast. It was faster than pouring milk over cereal in a bowl. And as you can imagine, all of these factors made the straws waaaay less than desirable.

I actually had a box as a kid and tried it out... and hated it. And after 2005 or so i never heard or saw them again

So I ask you, does anyone remember Cereal Straws?

  • Listening to: Judas Priest: Turbo Lover
  • Reading: Fuck me
  • Watching: WN
  • Playing: Zeam Zortress Zwo
  • Eating: Quaker State
  • Drinking: .3.


Hickory Dickory Dock
A mouse ran up my cock...

... wait what?
A few big storms came by yesterday. Dumped lots of rain, produced a good amount of wind, and had some small hail with it too.

When the show was all said and done, it produced something incredible, a full rainbow and a another baby rainbow next to it. I have a bunch of videos and pictures, however ill only be sharing one, as most of them consist the street of where i live.
Helping my group of friends film a short movie. I wont explain what its about, but i will reveal one spoiler

Not only am I in it

I die twice. XD
Just so u all know im back to a normal working schedule
7am-2pm as always
The big hardships are over. Now its time to heal.
I just came back from the wake. And it was very beautiful. So many people came. So many. Not just friends and family came, but other peoples friends and other peoples family. And everyone my grandfather knew working in the chirch and fire department were there

It was beautiful. Very beautiful

UNDERTALE will be released for the Playstation 4 at some point. Apparently its legit. IDK really. What do you guys make of this?
just wanted to let u guys know of somethings

The wake is tomorrow (tuesday) From 2-4 and 7-9 pm est. Ill be pretty busy most of the day

The funeral is on Wednesday starting at 9:30. Ill be gone for most of 2 days. just so u all know
My grandfather was one of the toughest and bravest people ive ever met. I would like to tell you all about some of the things he did

He enlisted in the army to fight in WWII. He never really did fight, as he went in toward the end of the war. He stayed in Germany with his company even a little bit after the war ended to make sure everything was ok

A little later on in life he began to smoke. And while he smoked he worked in a factory. After some time working in said factory, he got into a tragic accident in which he lost a small bit of his finger. From what i was told, he remained steadfast and recovered from it.

A little while on he then joined the firefighters. To which he was apart of for a long time. He would drive the fire trucks and assist in putting fires out with his fellow crew. He was successful at it, and achieved the rank of Chief. 

I also mentioned he smoked. What I didn't mention is that after smoking for awhile. He basically said that he does not want to smoke anymore because it will destroy his health (as at the time, he was having some complications thanks to smoking. Nothing major at the time) and he said "This is my last cigarette ill ever smoke" and from that day forward, he stopped smoking. Never picked up another one again. Ever.

He had knee surgery when I was 6. At the age he was at the time, It was very risky. But he still went through with it. He came out much better as a result. While it would begin to bother him at the time, he never regretted the surgery.

After his retirement he went to go work for the church I go to on occasion for my grandmother. Where he worked for the rest of his life until his passing yesterday.

My grandfather is someone who i will always look up to. He is someone I will never forget. Ill never forget his bravery, and ill never forget everything he did for me, my mom, and my grandmother.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa.
I love you very much. You will be dearly missed.
Its with a heavy heart that i tell you guys that my grandfather is no longer with us. He died peacefully and surrounded by family. Thank you guys for all the prayers and support... it means the world to me.



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